Trustees in bankruptcy Windsor, Ontario


Bankruptcy is not the answer for everyone. If you are facing financial difficulties in Windsor, Ontario? Are credit companies harassing you and your family, suffering from wage garnishment, BANKRUPTCY or a CONSUMER PROPOSAL will offer guaranteed protections from creditors and real debt relief.

If filing for bankruptcy is your last chance or your best option, you want to do it right. Filing for bankruptcy is not simply filling out some forms. Legal knowledge, strategy and attention to detail are critical.  These trustees offer you professional help. Selection of a trustee is not just the cheapest trustee or the first name in the yellow pages.

These firms have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses in Windsor, Ontario restructure finances and get a FRESH START.

Contact us or any of the trustees in Bankruptcy to arrange a free 30 minute debt consultation. Immediate answers and solutions to solve your debt crisis and give you peace of mind.

Company Business Phone Office Location Map
Lynn Delabarre, CA, CIRP 519-253-6699 2109 Ottawa Unit 210 View Map
S. Funtig & Associates Inc. 519-252-8227 x 17 484 Pelissier St Suite 200 View Map